The Colombaio Estate

The human history is closely connected to the olive groves and utilization. Particularly in the Biblical and Christian tradition the olive oil assumes a sacral character connected to the priestly and royal functions. Moreover, the olive grove is ever since an essential and characteristic component of the Tuscan landscape. The different varieties of the Tuscan olives provide an oil of exquisite quality. Its purity reflects an outstanding golden colour with intense green nuances and a pleasant fruity taste. Furthermore, its nutritive qualities make it an important element in a balanced diet.

Product description

The Colombaio extra virgin oil is produced from the very first olive pressing within 24 hours from the first picking. As it is not filtered, it may leave a light bottom deposit. At sight it appears of a delightful intense golden yellow colour, accompanied by warm green reflects. The fragrance is soft and embracing with vegetable scents of greens, artichoke and thistle, enriched with intense black pepper spicy notes. The flavour is open and subtle, with tones of chicory, lettuce, mint and rosemary. Bitter and spicy scents are abundantly represented as well as harmonic tones leading into sweet almond taste. This oil is recommended on vegetables, appetizers, steamed beans, fish, grilled potatoes, soups, risotto, poultry, lamb or cheese. The extra virgin oil should not be stored more than two years. It should be protected from light, sudden thermic changes and air which may deteriorate the quality of the Colombaio olive oil.

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